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Andy Nichols

Blacksmith and More

More than a Blacksmith

By viewing the gallery you will see that I am more than a blacksmith, hence the …& more! I have considerable hands-on experience in the marine industry (both traditional and modern)as well as general engineering on a variety of products.

With the vast range of materials available, I can combine traditional forged work with cast and/or machined components from other materials. This provides considerable flexibility in design and an almost infinite range of both visual effects and physical properties.

Whether it is a new or a restoration project, the necessary patterns can be produced if castings are required. As an example, replacement cast iron fire grates can be made, cast iron being essential for coal burning due to the high temperatures.

Some clients like to produce detailed dimensioned drawings; others come with an idea on the back of an envelope. Either way I am happy to work with you. Alternatively, I can provide sketches which can then be developed until a design is reached which satisfies your requirements.

The design may either reflect the style and patterns of other items surrounding it, or it may be totally different. When the design is agreed, I turn it into reality providing feedback and discussion, where necessary, along the route to a product that you will be satisfied with.

I shall be pleased to discuss your requirements and look forward to hearing about your project so that we may take it from an idea to reality.

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